5 Must-Know Types of Visual Content For Your Website

Visual Content For Your Website

Whenever you publish new content to your website or blog, it enters a complex environment. In this case, your new content competes with hundreds of websites to get the attention of the audience you target for it. Adding the visual content helps to engage the audience, but it also helps the user not lose in lengthy text paragraphs. While adding visual content to the website, you must know which graphic content format is more helpful for you. Try not to use the png formatted image files as the visual content on your website. The reason is that it reduces the size of the digital image to a larger file size, which impacts your website’s loading speed. Bear in mind that SVG is the most preferable SEO image format to proceed with SEO optimization. The tip is to use the online png to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com that converts png to SVG image format.

Below are a few types of visual content that you can use on your website.

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When you attach a catchy image with the text you have uploaded on your website, people get interested in finishing reading the post you published.  Jeff Bullas, a marketer, says those articles that include images get 94% more views than posts with no pictures. Usually, the png image format is used for the website visuals that take a bit of time to load. So try to use a format that is small in file size. The preferable image type is an SVG picture format which takes less time to load on the website. When it comes to adding images to website content, your first approach PNG to SVG converting process with the free assistance of free PNG to SVG converter.


No doubt, adding video content is incredibly more beneficial & presentable than the image content. It is also very helpful in pointing out the common issues and the solutions your product offers. There are many cheap types of graphical content available you can use on your website. A good quality video provides an extra boost to the website traffic as it defines which products or services you’re offering on the website. For the graphical representation, most of the time PNGs are used, but SVG format is more beneficial when the representation of 2D vectors is taken into account. Are you thinking of turning PNG into SVG? Then you don’t have to stress about the conversion. Simply try the online PNG to SVG converter that turn PNG into SVG for free.


An infographic is the collection of the images, animated data, or statistical data such as bar graphs, pie charts, etc along with the minimal text that defines the whole logic of the topic. Using infographics is a great way to engage the audience through which you can communicate with them quickly and show the information you want to show more quickly. When it comes to infographics, you must know that SVG is an image format that excellently presents crisp vector elements. The best thing is that this format is scalable for different screen dimensions, leading to smoothness in the workflow compared to PNG. So, the best approach for you is to convert PNG to SVG format.


Presentation slides are another type of visual content that is also very popular. If you have written excellent content along, you should make a slideshow presentation to make it more presentable. By creating a slideshow, your reader will make their mind stay at your webpage to read the whole post. You can use the SVG format for the sideshow images that will load faster on the website than PNG format. Converting PNG to SVG is a great hassle, but those days are gone. Now, you can use the online free PNG to SVG converter that eliminates the stress of how to convert PNG to SVG.


In the present time, meme visual content is viral and has a great demand because it’s a great addition to engage the user with the post. This type of visual content can engage the user in very little time compared to the other visual content.

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