What is a LIA informant?

What is a LIA informant

The LIA informant is a tool which enables you to see LG service information through the “Smart Notice” widget. It’s included in the standard ROM. Though it is safe to use, you may turn it off at any moment if you don’t want it. The LIA informant has a few additional features as well. It contains the following items:

Uses of LIA Informant

We may use this program to access several of our smartphone’s features from a single location. That is, we will no longer be need to launch several apps in order to access various apps on our smartphones. The following are some of LIA Informant’s applications. Area code search for cities in the United States, as well as an area codes finder to locate area codes. Area code list for the United States and Canada.

See Your Network Connections

It enables applications on the phone to see information about network connections. It enables applications to verify which networks are available and which are connected, for example.

Access Calls Directly

It simplifies calling by allowing the application can call mobile numbers without any need for human interaction. This may lead to unexpected phone calls and even costs. However, it never dials an emergency number by itself. As a result, it’s possible that certain malicious applications attempt to earn money and make calls without the user’s permission.

Access to whole network

Lia informant also enables you to build network connections and utilize custom sockets. This is accomplished via the use of a browser and other necessary apps that offer different methods for sending data to the internet. As a result, while transmitting data to the internet, it never asks for permission.

Read the Minimum required Data

Another benefit of using a LIA informant this includes the ability for applications to access calendar events as well as private information. Apps may read every calendar event saved on a phone, regardless of whether it belongs to a friend or coworker. This aids with the storage of calendar data, whether private or sensitive.

Examine the call logs

The LIA informant is also beneficial when it comes to reviewing phone records. It gives applications access to the phone’s call history. It also reads information about incoming and outgoing calls. It also enables applications to retain call log data, although rogue apps may use this information without your permission.

Check your contacts

LIA informant enables applications to access all of the contacts saved on the phone, as well as many other details like as how many times you’ve phoned a person, how many emails you’ve sent, and how you’ve interacted with them in any other manner. Apart from that, it enables applications to store data about your contacts, but it also raises the risk of rogue apps sharing your contact information without your consent.

Read Content of SD

It enables applications to access data saved on the SD card and make use of that data as needed. It also enables applications to edit or remove unneeded or undesirable information from the SD card.

Checking Phone State

It also enable apps to access smartphone states such as the device’s phone numbers, network information, call status, phone accounts registered, and so on.

Read Text Messages

It enables the applications to read text messages and investigate the information they need. Regardless of the content or data confidentiality, apps may access SMS or MMS messages saved on a SIM card or mobile phone.

Automatically run at startup

If you’ve forced Lia Informant to shut and believe no data is being shared, you should be aware that it begins up from the beginning. So, just in case if you restart your smartphone, you will be able to use it again. It begins on its own. It goes without saying that the auto start-up procedure will cause your phone to take longer to boot. Alternatively, if one of these apps is constantly operating in the background, your phone may become sluggish.

Finally, how can you uninstall of LIA Informant?

The LIA Informant may seem to some as just another piece of memory-hogging bloatware. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; I’ll show you how to fully remove it from your computer.

Try deleting the cache of the system app if you receive errors like LIA Informant has stopped functioning or process com.lge.ia.task.informant has abruptly ceased. That will undoubtedly resolve the majority of the problems. If it doesn’t, you may want to remove it from your device.

  • To enable USB Debugging on your smartphone, go to Developers Options.
  • Using this link, open your Windows PC and download ADB.
  • Extract the zip file’s contents to a new folder.
  • In the folder, open the PowerShell window or the prompt window.
  • To get the daemon up and running, use the following command: Devices with the.adb suffix
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a data connection now. If everything went well, this may show your phone’s serial number.
  • To fully uninstall LIA Informant on your LG smartphone, use the following command: .adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.ia.task.informant com.lge.ia.task.informant com.lge.ia.task.informant com.lge.ia.
  • Note that if you ever want to reinstall it, you’ll need to add the -k option to the above script to save a lot of cache files.

That’s all, your LG smartphone is now free of LIA Informant.


Aside from these capabilities, the LIA informant is beneficial to the phone in a variety of other ways. It can read online bookmarks, history, home setting shortcuts, and other information from the phone, making the job of the apps much simpler.

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