Five Powerful Ways of Using Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Apps and Websites

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How to Use AI in eCommerce Apps and Websites for Maximum Benefits?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping many industries significantly and eCommerce is also one of them. It helps companies get access to user behavior data and ensure the security of e-commerce platforms. It also enables smooth business transactions online. Apart from this, AI aids companies in adopting a strong customer-centric approach with its useful data insights. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic necessitated the use of services like TV and internet deal and the internet so people could get access to entertainment and remain connected. AI, during such a challenging time, has enabled both customers and companies to adopt a more digital approach. 

We have a highly connected digital world today thanks to emerging technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and blockchain, etc. If you are a player in the eCommerce industry and looking forward to understanding how AI can benefit you in the development of an eCommerce app or website, you have come to the right place. Read about some of the most successful ways below. 

Customer-centric Search Features

Artificial intelligence can help companies create customer-centric voice and visual search features. Voice search is quite popular and users can simply give a spoken command to an online assistant. The eCommerce application or website can display relevant search results. On the other hand, visual search is about dragging or dropping an image on a search field so that it can look for similar items on the website. You can also take pictures and upload them to the search tool. It can then use its AI capabilities to find relevant results. 

AI Chatbots 

Since a lot of people are working from home in the ongoing pandemic and many companies have had to down-size their resources, companies can’t provide 24/7 virtual assistance. However, AI chatbots came to the rescue with their machine learning capabilities. Such chatbots can remember user responses and can provide a human-like chatting experience to customers. They can also keep on learning new queries and questions and their answers. AI chatbots can not only prioritize complaints, but they can also resolve a majority of client issues. They can record user responses and create segmented lists based on user interests. Companies can use this data to run automated email marketing campaigns. 

Quite interestingly, AI has had a significant impact on email marketing tools. Most of the popular software programs now have AI capabilities. Such capabilities allow marketers to gain access to many critical user insights in response to marketing campaigns.

Personalization and Recommendations

Artificial intelligence helps extensively in providing personalized product suggestions to customers. Apps that have AI can remember the type of products visitors like. They can, therefore, display similar results on their UI so that customers could make more purchases. This can help companies to make more sales, get better ROI, and increase their client base.

Security Enhancements 

Applications with artificial intelligence capabilities also have a higher ability to track online network traffic. An eCommerce tool can help companies to keep their data and online payment portals secure. Not only that, AI enhancements can deflect many of the online threats on their own. The security architecture implementation that is based on AI can aid in creating strong eCommerce applications and websites. 

Elimination of Fake Products

One of the key benefits of AI in eCommerce apps and websites is that it can help to track fake products. Many bogus companies are present on the web. You will find them selling products even on popular eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Ali Baba. They use the images of products from reliable sellers to sell their fake, low-performing, and copied products. It is difficult to remove them one by above since the people are also buying from them. However, AI can help to track the user reviews on these fraudulent sellers and remove them automatically from the store.

These are some of the ways that you can use AI in your eCommerce app or website. Rest assured that these features will make your application stand out from your competitors. It will also help you in developing a relationship of trust with your customers. Customers of today are very conscious of the security of their data. And with AI capabilities in your app, they will feel secure in their dealings with your business.

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