Review Of Patch #4 For Madden 23 And Community Reactions

Fans were curious when EA Sports issued the most recent patch update for Madden 23 around two weeks ago since it was expected to address a number of significant problems that players were still having. It would also provide the first update to EA’s highly praised NFL Live feature since the game’s first release, in addition to fixing the 32-team online franchise mode and a few minor Face of the Franchise issues. Additionally, it added a particular distinctive touchdown celebration for us Dolphins fans.

Here are our thoughts on Madden 23 patch #4 as well as some reactions from the Operation Sports community.

NFL Live Update And Franchise Mode

The adjustments to franchise mode in Madden’s patch #4 are among the most important additions. According to EA, these changes will “address many prioritized issues via server-side improvements since the last Title Update.” Today there is also an attempt to fix the draft revert bug. Although it is releasing around the same time as TU4, the Draft Revert Repair is not a part of the TU4 fix explicitly.

Although it seems like many players may now progress in franchise mode, it is unclear whether or not this problem has actually been fixed. There is still an offline bug, though, which prevents players from playing more than 10 seasons.

Given that very few people ever play through more than 10 seasons, Falcon1700 doesn’t really see what the big deal is with the restriction.

I don’t get the argument about the “broken” franchise. How many players, in all honesty, truly complete the required 10+ seasons to make the bug a 100% crash issue? I’d guess that fewer than 1% of all gamers just engage in franchise mode play. I only play franchise games, and I’ve only completed eight seasons twice since I ultimately get tired of my team and reset. You must play 10+ seasons for the bug to 100% reliably crash your franchise. Although it is inconvenient and awful, it is not the serious problem that many players are complaining about.

As someone who can hardly complete three or four complete seasons, I understand this. However, because there are supposed to be 30 seasons, it would be better if you could play as many of them as you like without having to pass any requirements. Although it isn’t flawless, many gamers may securely continue their franchise thanks to the recent improvements.

It appears like EA has finally responded to the cry from those of us who have been impatiently awaiting the Live playbook update. This greatly simplifies the process for anyone seeking to open a franchise in Week 11. I took that action. I patiently till the issues to be rectified rather than playing a CFM right out of the box. A lifesaver is this latest update.

The depth chart still needs to be manually adjusted by users before each game, so it’s not all sunshine and roses. Here is what jfsolo had to say regarding the modifications.

“Unfortunately, even if you utilize the Live playbooks, you still need to enter the computer room before each game and fix yours and the CPU’s. Although it takes about 20 seconds and is annoying, I now do it automatically because of muscle memory.

He would eventually retract his statement and acknowledge that customers cannot change the depth chart of the CPU, which at times results in an incredibly unrealistic experience. However, beggars cannot be kings. And I’d much prefer to have NFL Live’s most recent update than have to keep using its obsolete features and commentary beginning in Week 1.

Mydownfall1185, an OS user, also reported that the depth chart concerns remained unchanged.

“Seems to be unfixed. I recently started my franchise, made a few depth chart changes, signed a free agent, and noticed that the depth chart had been reverted based on overalls.

One of the main problems with Connected Franchise mode is how free agency keeps producing improbable scenarios from season to season. The Los Angeles Chargers’ inability to re-sign outstanding quarterback Justin Herbert, in the opinion of the majority of players, is the most upsetting. Although LA does have a less than ideal cap situation, they do not intend to let one of the best quarterbacks in football enter the open market. Additionally, it may cause your franchise to go downward for better or worse.

Toodles2you90 was dissatisfied.

“I’ve managed a number of organizations, and Herbert is the only player I always see. Because of the Chargers cap position and the lack of tools in the game, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to re-sign Herbert. However, you will occasionally receive other players. If you want him to remain with the Chargers, you can alter his contract in Week 18.

Playthrough Impression Post-Patch No. 4

Madden 23 will never be perfect, just like the majority of sports video games. But I was astonished by how much more realistic the game felt following the most recent patch update. Along with a large number of new formations, EA also made gameplay improvements. The offensive line appeared to guard the ball better during the brief time I played the game after the patch, and the defensive back/wide receiver exchanges persisted in being impressive. OS user gotmadskillzson also observed several changes right away following the most recent patch release.

“I realized that running and passing the ball are now much simpler. I believe that is because there is currently a natural delay in the actions of defenders. Whereas formerly, defenders could change directions on a dime and barely lose a step, change of direction speed is now more recognized. Some passing routes do appear more natural as a result. You can now see the DB lagging behind him a few yards if a WR is moving in one direction and suddenly breaks in the opposite direction.

The CPU’s unwillingness to commit to the run game is something else I’ve noticed, and it’s something Goducks1224 also mentioned.

“Has anyone noticed that the CPU now seldom ever runs the ball? They had 6 carries when I just played the Browns. quarters of 12 minutes. The last five or six games I’ve played have all had this as a recurring theme, including matches against Tennessee, Cleveland, and San Francisco, who all obviously have star running backs.

Ccdeville thinks the game is currently a little too simple.

“I find it to be too simple now. It used to be difficult for me to employ location and accuracy. Every time you made a pass, I bit my nails in frustration. It was annoying, but on the other hand, that was part of the drive to improve, and it also showed how well the QB you were using was rated. With Ryan Tannehill, I’m currently tearing up defenses with no opposition. The game is assisting me and taking the learning curve and challenge out of passing games, and it seems like classic passing.

In Madden 23, Jaylen Waddle makes his touchdown celebration debut

You probably already know that I’m a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan if you’ve read any of my writing. Knowing this, you can imagine how upset I was when the game’s release revealed that Jaylen Waddle’s famous touchdown celebration (“The Waddle”) was missing. How come this wasn’t at the top of their list of activities for Madden 23? Despite the humor, it was a touch disappointing not to have one of Madden’s most original celebrations. But as they often do, EA Sports modified and included Waddle’s party with the most recent version.

No, it doesn’t appear the most authentically “Waddle,” but it serves its purpose. And even though it might not mean much to many, Dolphins supporters throughout the world are thrilled. Jaylen Waddle is also. Fans would actually be pleased with EA’s efforts if they could improve on making the uniforms 100% authentic and introducing other player-specific celebrations.


Anyway, EA is trying to provide us with a better gaming experience, we should be thankful. And if you want to buy some madden 23 coins, you can go visit for cheap and safe mut coins and players!

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