How to make the best strategy for getting traffic for your newly developed website?

best strategy for getting traffic

In today’s world, creating a website is one of the most critical steps toward web design success. In addition, it is the basis for expanding your business and developing an online presence.

Google processes around 40,000 search inquiries every second. You can watch the searches pile up in real-time. 

Many web design companies need help finding new and innovative ways to increase website traffic. Unfortunately, there is a lot of online misinformation about attracting more people, which can lead you to repeatedly utilize identical tired techniques without getting any results.

If any of these things occur, it is a victory. Now, how do you get people to visit your website? This article will discuss the best strategy for getting traffic for your newly developed website.

Here are the following strategy for getting traffic for your newly developed website:

1. Optimize your content with keywords:

SEO (Search engine optimization) refers to optimizing your content using relevant keywords to your business. Many business relationships are formed after someone enters a phrase or word into Google to find a website. Therefore, knowing what search terms people use to locate your website will help you attract more visitors. 

Google Search Console is another free tool for tracking how many customers click on your site in searching and how often it appears.

You may use Google Analytics to check what phrases your site visitors have used in the past to locate you and utilize those keywords to help you optimize your website content. 

2. Write guest posts:

Guest blogging is when you write for other people’s blogs. In exchange, the owner/editor will enable you to link to your website. 

The advantages include:

  • More referral traffic.
  • More backlinks 
  • Brand awareness has increased.

3. Interlinking and backlinks:

Internal linking possibilities as you generate and publish content. This improves your SEO audit process and creates a better experience for your consumers, ensuring they stay on your website and are interested in what you have to say.

Similarly, you should ensure that links to your material exist outside your website. When you allow someone to publish on your website, they will probably share it on theirs, providing you with a backlink.

Backlinks from influencers or web design companies in your industry will put your new orleans web design company in front of a bigger audience and bring traffic to your website. 

4. Write clickable headlines:

Whether you’re a copywriter or not, you should be aware of the uniqueness and clickability of article titles. Conversely, if you create a dull title, no one will click on your content, no matter how original and engaging.

Headlines are among one of the most critical components of your content; therefore, treat them as such. Don’t do them at the last minute; don’t think of them as a “one and done” portion of your approach. Instead, make it original, valuable, and particular, and communicate a feeling of urgency.

5. Optimize for long-tail keywords:

While your keyword research may yield many shorter keywords, you should pay close attention to long-tail keyword opportunities. These keywords are frequently more specific. As a result, they frequently need more search traffic and competition. That means it’s easier not only to rank for long tail keywords but also to guess searcher intent. 

When you create a website experience tailored to the searcher’s needs, you provide the information they want. 

6. Collaborate with other companies to gain access to their audience:

Most web design companies have several non-competing brands with the same or comparable target demographic. So why not collaborate to cross-promote to each other’s audiences?

That is precisely what we did with Buffer, a social media scheduling tool. 

We organized a combined webinar titled “How to Build Your Website Traffic With Evergreen Content and Social Media.” Both firms then widely marketed the webinar on social media in the days leading up to the event. 

7. Add new products or content to your website daily:

Because one of Google’s ranking factors is how fresh the content is, it’s also a good idea to update your site content regularly — daily if possible. 

 It also provides consumers with a cause to return to your website. If people know there’s something new to learn, they’re more inclined to visit your site to find out what it is.

8. Add a FAQ section:

When researching a topic, most people have a plethora of related questions. You may remedy this by including a FAQ section after your article. This may help your content rank for more long-tail keywords and increase search traffic. 

9. Voice search optimization:

The fundamental aim of creating a website is to guarantee that it appears when consumers search for related items. As a result, optimizing your website’s content for voice search is critical. 

Voice searches have expanded dramatically in the last several years, and as more people acquire voice assistants and smart speakers, the trend will only accelerate. 

10. Incorporate video:

Text-based material is fine, but the video may attract more visitors and interest them. Here are some examples of how to use video to increase website traffic:

  • Embed videos in your blog entries so that they appear in video search results.
  • Do YouTube SEO to rank higher on YouTube, then include links to your website in the video description.


Creating a website is simple. The tricky part is making it visible to the right people.

Generating high organic traffic for a website takes time and effort, and it’s okay if it takes longer than you expected. However, we take these steps with our valued clients, and we’ve seen them work repeatedly. 

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