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Whether you work in a corporate setting or from the convenience of your home, emails are a big part of your daily schedule. Every day, millions of emails are exchanged, and only a few of them stand apart. Emails might not get enough importance, but it is essential to know that every email that you send reflects your professionalism level. So make it count.

There are many important elements when it comes to drafting a professional and attractive email. Apart from how you start the email to what you write in the body, the email signature is one of the most important aspects of an email. You can go further and use an email signature template as an opportunity to showcase what you are. It also makes it easy for the recipients to know your role and the methods to reach you. Despite this, people often neglect it and write it as a simple signature that adds little to no value.

It is hence necessary to understand that a correct email signature can make a difference in how people see you professionally. In this article, we are handpicking some easy tricks that you can implement in your email signature hereon. 

Top 7 Tips And Tricks To Create A Great Email Signature 

You hold the power to design your email signature so that it does not look mediocre. It is important to take full advantage of an email signature design to connect and engage with people. What you add to your email signature will matter in the long run for your image as a working professional. 

To make it easier for you, below are the top seven tips and tricks that you can use to write an impactful email signature.

  1. Keep It Simple

To make an impact, people think it is necessary to go over and beyond to showcase everything in their email signature itself. Little do they know that simplicity is still the best way to work around your email signature. Keeping it simple will make it look more appealing. By keeping it simple, we mean that every aspect of the email signature should be simple. 

From the font to the way you mention other details under your name, you need to make sure everything is uniform. It is important to keep the information in an order which is easy on the eyes. Avoid using multiple font styles. Also, you should make sure that you do not use fonts in different colors. 

You can put your name in bold, but try to keep everything else in a normal and uniform format. It is also imperative to make sure that font size is in accordance with the overall email. It should neither be too big that it looks over the top, nor too small that it becomes easy to ignore it.

  1. Avoid Cluttering Of Information 

Any email that you send across needs to look clean and to the point. A lengthy email doesn’t need to be an impactful email. People often tend to avoid reading things when too much information is available. The same rule applies when writing an email signature too.

An email signature is very easy to ignore, even more so when it is lengthy and full of unnecessary stuff. It is not necessary to dump every piece of information about your professional achievements in the email signature. The shorter and crisper your email signature is, the more chances are that people will read it. 

Make it a point to include information that is the most relevant and the most necessary. Do not exceed the limit of 3 to 4 lines while writing an email signature. Also, try not to include everything like gifs, videos, and images all at once. It would only clutter the space and will not look presentable. As per your profession, you can either include videos or photos or decide to let it go. There is an email signature maker on the internet that can help you with that.

  1. Include Company Logo

A company’s logo is its identity and including the logo shows that you are a part of the company too. Including the company’s logo in a professional email signature promotes the branding of the company. It proves to be extremely beneficial when you are approaching new business venues. 

When many prospects approach a business, a company’s logo plays an important role in making an impact. In between multiple correspondences, a company’s logo stays in the mind and increases the chances of the business getting positive responses.

A company’s logo is the ultimate aspect of enhancing brand awareness for any company. It is important to include a company logo to increase the company’s overall business prospects in the long run too. You can also take the help of a free email signature generator to create the best email signature.

  1. Exclude Your Email Address

Your email address is your primary point of contact for any correspondence regarding business dealings. However, when you send an email, your email id is visible to the recipient. Hence, it becomes necessary to include your email address in the email signature design.

However, if the company uses a common email address for multiple employees, it is wise to include your email address along with your email signature. In other cases, the email address just takes up space which might add to the cluttering of the entire email signature.

Also, if the correspondence is internal, it is good to steer clear of mentioning the mail address in the email signatures. The reason is that internal personnel don’t need to use your email address, they can simply reply to the email for faster communication.

  1. Add Social Media Link

Since social media marketing is one of the greatest marketing tools, it is important to use it to your complete potential. Although a company’s website includes all the information, a social media profile has much more to offer in terms of regular updates. 

Hence, mentioning links to the company’s social media pages will let the correspondent know much more than just what you put in an email. If you add social media icons to your email signature also, it lets the recipient of the email feel confident in your company’s overall image. It shows that the company is transparent and legit. 

And thus, increases the chances for more people to get interested in your business and bring much more opportunity. You can check out online email signature make where there are many email signature templates.

  1. Make Sure Your Signature Is Mobile Friendly

Owing to technology, communication via email is not restricted to laptops or computers. Email communications happen on the go. Now, people access and respond to emails right from their mobile phones. However, the layout of a page on the laptop and the layout on mobile is a little different. Often fonts, formatting, company logo, and images can get distorted. 

In such cases, people receiving such emails will most probably ignore the email signature. So, irrespective of how attractive your professional email signature might be, it will not serve much of a purpose. Especially when it is about getting in touch with new businesses, there will be no impact on the correspondent. 

It is important to have a mobile-friendly layout for your email signature. It will significantly improve the chances for your business to grow. Once you have your email signature mobile-friendly, the text or the content will not get warped.

  1. Avoid Embedded Content

When an image or icon is embedded, it does not appear directly when a recipient opens the email. Instead, the recipient or the correspondent will only see links in place of the company’s log or any other image that you include in the email signature template. 

Recipients will usually see an option stating “Download image” to view the image that is present in the email signature. It becomes an unnecessary action from the point of view of a recipient. And hence, the recipient will most probably ignore the email signature and just focus on the email body. This leads to the ignorance of the brand when it comes to correspondence that happens between your company and a new business.

Another option you can go for instead using embedded content in your email signature. To avoid sending embedded images that are visible as attachments, you can try hosting links in the email signature template. Email clients that use outlook can go with the option of embedded content. But when you consider all the email recipients who will be using different modes of viewing emails, getting hosting imagery is a much better option. 


When a business is looking to expand, marketing is one of the most crucial parts of the activities. There are several ways to market one’s brand and improve brand awareness. One of the most subtle ways to improve a brand’s image is by ensuring the email signature template that goes out is impactful. An email signature can be a hit-and-miss or can create interest in the brand by the correspondent. 

However, people will most definitely ignore an email signature when it looks unpleasant, the content is overlapping, or feels too excessive. A minor change in the email signature can create a lot of differences in the way the recipient will consider the brand and the communications with the company. Hence, it can further lead to the brand scaling up.

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