8 Methods for Getting Free UPC Codes

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Have you ever attempted to enter a contest but been unable to do so because you need a UPC code but do not want to purchase the product? There is, however, some good news. There are several methods to locate UPC codes without having to make a transaction. Many of these techniques don’t even need you to leave your workstation.

So, before you miss a sweepstakes if you don’t have a UPC, consider these free and simple internet methods for finding product codes.

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UPC codes may be found via online retailers

It’s amazing what you can get these days if you go online. Individual candy bars and boxes of cereal may be bought on Amazon.com or via the online delivery service of your favourite grocery shop.

The UPCs of the items for sale are often included by these online sellers. So, if you do a fast search on the product, you could get the codes you need.

In the Internet UPC Database, you may find free UPC codes

The Internet UPC Database is a treasure trove of free UPC codes for a broad range of items. It’s a helpful tool for identifying difficult-to-find codes.

There are a few caveats, though:

Not all of the codes are available.

Because the data is submitted by volunteers, some codes may be old or erroneous.

Some giveaways need specifically labelled items, which may not be included in the database.

Find Free UPC Codes with BarCode Lookup

BarcodeLookup.com is a simple website that allows you to search for a product’s UPC code by entering its name. It keeps detailed information on a wide range of goods in a worldwide database.

You may use BarcodeLookup.com to acquire a UPC code for a product by entering its name, or you can enter a UPC code to find out where an item originates from, what it’s used for, and how much different businesses charge for it by entering a UPC code.

If you’re searching for UPCs for sweepstakes, just typing in a brand name like “Kelloggs” will often bring up the particular item you’re looking for.

Free UPC Codes may be found on the internet.

If a contest needs a UPC code to enter, there’s a strong probability that a lot of people will go online to seek for that code. That implies that other websites and forums might be disseminating those vital codes to their users.

A quick Google search may turn up sweepstakes websites, blog postings, and other websites with the codes you need.

To discover the codes you need, start by searching again for name of the giveaway and “UPC” or the brand of the product plus “UPC.”

On social media, post a request for free codes

You may be able to obtain the information you need by going to the sweepstakes sponsor’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Giveaways are used by certain sweepstakes sponsors to increase attention to their social media pages. Companies may publish codes and UPCs on Facebook and Twitter to persuade consumers to follow their accounts.

You may also ask your friends or other sweepers on social media if they have any UPC numbers they can share with you. With so many individuals on social media, there’s a decent possibility that someone has the item you’re looking for in their cupboard.

For Free UPC Codes, read the Sweepstakes Rules

Sweepstakes organisers cannot have you buy anything in order to enter without breaking the laws prohibiting private lotteries. Even if a code is necessary, most sweepstakes rules will include a non-purchase alternative for obtaining free UPC codes.

Click on a link in the guidelines or on the entry form, asking a code through email, or sending away for a free sweepstakes entry or code are all frequent methods to get free codes.

At the grocery store, you may get free UPC codes

If all else fails, go to your local supermarket and jot down the UPC of the goods you need. You don’t need to purchase anything to receive the codes you need to enter contests since UPCs are printed on the exterior of product containers.

To prevent making a mistake while writing down the code, take a quick snapshot of the UPCs you need using your smartphone.

Ask a question on a question-and-answer website

People may ask questions about almost anything on online Q&A platforms like Quora. So, if none of the other approaches work, you may always go there to get a solution.

Create a free account and ask your question there. With any hope, a helpful individual will be able to provide you with a UPC number.

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