Why we love games?(And you should too)

Games offer rewards that reality does not. Games are inspiring and teaching us in good way that reality can’t do.

There are many reasons why we love games. Some of them are given below

Big reason why we love games very much, I though because these game are good source of our happiness. They are good source of reducing our broadness from our boring daily routines. Sometimes it is necessary to forget all our difficulties. Action adventure games are amazing because we stuck into this game and forget everything happening around us.

in these days people like to play multiplayer game like clash of clans mod apk, mini militia mod apk. They can talk and do friendships all over the world.


  • Games are measured form of our freedom. Our brain picks them up because they are structures that exist to be avoided. Games hold a strange space in our cultural consciousness. About everybody has played games at some period in their lives.
  • We love video games because they give us a scene of accomplishment. We love to play games because they give us feelings of achievement. When you complete any game which is difficult to finish.it makes you feel very special that you have achieved something special. The feeling is hard to beat which you get after finishing a good game.so we keep playing games that make us scream and fear. Games are an important part of art that are good than non-gamers. Games can feel as way that we cannot understand.
  • We love games because all the games are so much interesting and entertaining. There are so many missions and challenges in the games that connect with players physiologically matches. On the other hands all the games have so much amazing 3D graphics and weapons, collecting things, new characters and many more interesting features which attracts the new players to play it once in a life.
  • Video games give you a safe place to fail. You can safely take many risks as you want by playing games. You can simply start the game if you die while killing your opponents. You can play another game, if you don’t win any match which you want to play. Players have most safe place to fail online then offline in real world.
  • We love video games because it is good place to learn how to fail in good way. We can fail or pass and we learn more things from our mistakes and can improve. As we know that failure is part of our human experience. We get experience by failing again and again. Failing and improving again and again in games can be amazing ability to transfer to the real world.
  • Games also advantage many brain features, containing decision-creating, and many more. Players who play fighting based games can make decision 25 percent faster than other who doesn’t play games. Their decision is more accurate than others.it is also searched that best player can create choice and act on them more rapidly as compared to others. Scientist searched that women who play games are better able to handle 3D objects.
  • We love video games because they help gamers in problem solving in reality. Some games can be brainless like space invaders. But many others are puzzle for managing cities. These games help players to solve the problem.
  • Some scientist say people who play games are best in three ways as planning, thinking and organization.so games play an important role in solving our daily problems in better way as compared to others who don’t like games.
  • We love games because they are great source of social communication for all the players. Some children’s find very difficult to make friends in reality. Video games are best source of making new friends from all over the world.in our hectic daily routines games offer real play dates with friends.
  • Video games are most advanced form of art that accept more popularity and respect from non-gamers. It is high time that people accept it hobby not as a time waste.vedio games have special connection with all the players
  • This is probably the basic reason why people love to play video games. video games help players take on the character of someone new and different in world they never get the chance to explore.
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