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roll20 alternatives

Roll20 is a collection of internet tools. This website, as well as the other Roll20 alternatives, has recently gained popularity.

These gadgets assist players when playing online games. Tabletop games are the best way to characterize both Roll20 and the Roll20 alternatives. Roll20, which was launched in 2012, has gotten a lot of good reviews.

The program works by immersing the user in a video game. It does this by giving the player the necessary tools.

You are given a blank slate when you utilize the Roll20 app. This allows a large number of table-top games to be included into the website.

The app has a huge user base of about 2 million people. This distinguishes it from its market rivals.

It has also won many “Best Software” Awards.

We’ll look over the many features of the Roll20 app in this post. We’ll also look into the finest Roll20 replacements available online.

What is Roll20 and how do I use it?

To use Roll20, you must first complete the Roll20 registration process. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to establish an account before you can sign up.

The following are the methods in which Roll20 works.

  • Log in using your account information
  • Select a game. On the Roll20 marketplace, you may purchase an adventure. You may even join someone else’s game using the app
  • Invite friends by using the “Join the game” option
  • Start playing

This software has a large number of games. The most popular of them is ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’

Different gaming sessions may be created or joined. The software includes features such as dynamic character sheets and automatic dice rolls.

You’ll also discover opponent tokens and shared maps. The Roll20 app also has a premium subscription option.

There will be some more features included in this. Dynamic lighting and ‘fog of war’ for maps are available to premium subscribers.

The program is accessed via a web browser. The software is also available in Android and iOS versions.

Is there a fee for using Roll20?

This question has two possible answers: yes and no.

Roll20 is a completely free app. The app’s basic features are available for free.

However, in order for the website to continue to function, it needs assistance. This assistance is provided by the faithful paying subscribers.

You may choose from a variety of pricing plans to become one. This functionality is not required.

A premium user has access to some of the app’s extra features.

Your subscription may be canceled at any time. You may continue to take advantage of subscription advantages until the payment term ends.

Is Roll20 compatible with mobile devices?

It’s a browser-based program called Roll20. It has video call and audio chat capabilities built in.

A lightweight version of the app has also been released. This was created with tablets in mind.

There are versions of the Roll20 app that are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Users may readily locate these on the internet.

The apps have the same functionality as the browser-based version. They’re simple to set up and utilize.

Is Fantasy Grounds better than Roll20?

The user determines the answer to this question.

Both of these programs are important RPG platforms. It would be unfair to make a distinction between them.

However, Fantasy Grounds is preferred by a large number of people. This is due to the fact that Fantasy Grounds was created specifically for D&D material.

In the instance of Roll20, the material was licensed to the app over time. This improves the compatibility of Fantasy Grounds with the game.

Also, it takes a long time to become accustomed to Roll20. In the case of Fantasy Grounds, however, this is not the case.

Even yet, since it was the first in the industry, many devoted users favor Roll20.

Finally, we can claim that both systems have their own user bases. They have their own characteristics and characteristics.

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What are other sites that are similar to Roll20?

1. Fantasy Grounds: Roll20 Alternatives

This is one of the finest Roll20 replacements. Fantasy Grounds is a virtual gaming table.

Users may play online role-playing games using it. For the same, a game master (GM) is required.

The setup is identical to that of any other map-based board game. To begin the game, you must roll virtual dice.

You must move your choice based on the outcome. The software enables you to create your own character from the ground up.

The users are also given character sheets. These are used to keep track of the user’s progress.

In Fantasy Grounds, lighting is not a problem. The platform was also designed with D&D games in mind.

As a result, the software and the interfaces are very compatible.

2. Map Tool

A virtual dashboard is the best way to explain Map Tool. Multi-user interaction is possible with this interactive program.

The program requires Java 6 or above to operate. You may play face-to-face with the graphic medium.

These games are also available to play in real-time online. The most popular aspect of this software is the roll play games.

Because of the excellent network settings, players from all over the month are able to join. There are no paid subscriptions required.

The user has the option of making a donation. Even if no changes are made, the user may still enjoy the functionality.

3. D&D Beyond: Alternatives to Roll20

When it comes to table-top gaming, another popular platform is D&D Beyond. The American comedy “The Big Bang Theory” helped popularize it.

This is the official Dungeons & Dragons toolset.

Twitch integration is a much-welcomed addition. The games come with a variety of features that make the platform simple to use.

Official characters, spells, and artifacts are among them. A paid membership, like all other websites, is optional.

All of the services are completely free to use. A premium member, on the other hand, gets access to certain extra features.

The rules are distributed by Wizards of the Coast. These regulations are easily accessible.

4. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is a game that is a lot like Roll20. As a result, it’s one of the finest Roll20 alternatives.

The program provides gamers with a collection of tools. They may use these tools to help them with their gaming experiences.

Maps and character sheets are among the tools. In addition, the site offers simple online characters.

There is no need to install the program. It works well with devices that have a touch screen.

You may utilize the features to fight with your buddies in a battle.

The character sheets may be customized to your liking. You may play either in person or online.

5. Astral Tabletop

Another virtual tabletop platform is Astral Tabletop. You may play role-playing games as well as other types of online games.

Multi-user interactions are possible on the platform. You may also arrange activities and conduct live video chats.

Visual effects are easily accessible on the platform. You may begin playing for free. You may also invite your friends to play with you.

This platform has a premium subscription option.

The software also provides access to online maps. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces available.

Over time, the site has acquired a devoted following.

6. GM Forge

One of the finest Roll20 alternatives is GM Forge. It’s a stand-alone virtual table with a variety of functions.

These characteristics are the same as those seen on other tabletop platforms. A full dashboard experience is provided by the platform.

It varies from every other software in one way. To get access to the software, you’ll need to pay $30.

This is a one-time fee. The application’s features more than compensate for this.

Players may still play for free in games.

7. Best Roll20 Alternatives: Battlegrounds

This is yet another excellent Roll20 alternative. This platform is clearly superior to the others on the list.

It enables a reliable multi-user connection. Even if users are spread throughout the globe, this is permitted.

The site has grown in popularity to the point that it is now a rival to Roll20.

This program allows you to play both card and board games. You may also try your luck with the virtual dice.

All digital game conversions are compatible with the game’s BGE functionality.

8. Inkarnate

Another famous table-top platform is Inkarnate. Some recent changes have been made to the platform.

As a result, it has become significant over the others on the list.

Users may choose to pay for a paid subscription in the app. This program allows you to create your own universe.

Fantasy races are also supported by Inkarnate. A complete set of maps is also available for the user’s convenience.

Donations are available in a variety of pricing ranges. Some extra features are available to paying subscribers.


Another famous table-top platform is MIPUI. The platform has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Online role-playing games may be played on the platform. D&D and other role-playing games are among them.

The platform may be used as a mapper as well as a virtual table. The data is completely backed up on the cloud.

The platform is restricted in terms of tools. Nonetheless, the ones supplied are enough for your gaming requirements.

Multi-user interaction is also possible on the platform. It is simple to create a shared link. You may use this link to invite someone to join the session. The platform does not charge a fee for registration.

10. Rolisteam: Roll20 Alternatives

Another popular Roll20 alternative is Rolisteam. It also has a very large user base.

Rolisteam gained popularity after including a music player in its user interface. You may communicate with your pals while viewing a shared map.

The program also includes character sheets and name generators. A feature called “war fog on map” may also be activated.

To begin the game, you must roll virtual dice. You may share both the map and the pictures.

On the map, both PC and NPC places may be found. A client-server architecture was used to create the application.

It’s just as excellent as a board game when it comes to roll-playing.

11. Standard Action

This is the perfect choice for you if you want to modify your apps inside of them. Users of this game have complete control over how they utilize and modify the game’s features. It’s a fantastic virtual tabletop program that gives players access to conversations while they’re playing and rolling dice, as well as customized statistics bars and other features. Players may take on the role of any fictitious character they choose in these role-playing games.

12. Epictable

As the name implies, this software provides users with a fantastic virtual dashboard. However, since it is not an open-source website, you will need to download it on your computer before you can use all of its capabilities.

The app includes everything you need to make your game the best it can be, including fascinating maps, character sheets, pamphlets, miniatures, and much more. It’s a fantastic alternative to Roll20 that you should try.

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Roll20, as well as similar sites, are monumental. They’ve ushered in a whole new era of gaming. The capabilities offered by these platforms are very useful. These are comparable to a board game experience. The gaming sessions have become more entertaining due to the addition of new features. So simply log in to your account. Immerse yourself in a role-playing experience.

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