5 Best RFID Based Gadgets To Perform Magic Tricks

RFID Based Gadgets

These days many modern technologies seem to work like magic. It’s because they have invisible mechanisms and often operate automatically. One technology that’s quite new to the market and boasts similar characteristics is the RFID (radio frequency identification). With the integration of RFID in an object, one can easily monitor various functions, like tracking, inventory management, and access security control, automatically.

Even if you’re into entertainment and performing magic tricks, RFID integration is still required in this digital era. There are so many RFID-based gadgets that help you perform magic tricks and get entertained at your convenience. Wondering what these gadgets are and how do they function?

Here we have mentioned the five best RFID-based gadgets that one can use for entertainment or simply to perform magic using advanced technology.

1. Unifi Electronic Dice         

The Unifi electronic dice is a sophisticated electronic device that’s intended to transmit its orientation whenever it’s moved or identified in a magnetic field. You can get these dice separately or in a set of three authentic dice in white, black, and red. 

You can charge the dice wirelessly, enabling the units to be waterproof and sealed. So, it offers you decades of durable and reliable performance. It also sends you notifications through its wireless thumper, audio announcements via a concealed Bluetooth earpiece, or a miniature colored LCD.

It comes integrated with a motion sensor and magnetic field to enable the cleanest version of the ‘which hand’ effect. Due to the motion sensors, the dice can determine whenever a dice moves without changing device orientations.

You can use the roll of these dice for automatically generating license plate numbers, lotto numbers, or serial numbers with prevision and thermal printers. ‘Registered only mode’ via the iOS app to get notifications from the registered devices only. It means that there won’t be any false notifications from other devices. You can also get notifications via the Unifi Thumper.

2. Electronic poker chips

The electronic poker chips redefine the ‘which hand’ effect. Meanwhile, they take it to an unprecedented climax. Any spectator can take a handful of electronic poker chips while determining the total value of the collected poker chips in their hand. It can even determine the denomination, color, and even a casino’s name on each poker chip.

These poker chips consist of high-quality ABS plastic, like real poker chips, and look 100-percent authentic. These are the same as Las Vegas poker chips. They even come with circular recess to enable customization of the chips for suiting your clientele.

You can charge these poker chips wirelessly and enable the units to get sealed completely. Furthermore, these are waterproof so that you get years of reliable performance. You don’t even need to sit close to these poker chips for their functioning. Its built-in motion sensor sends information to you through Bluetooth earpiece, Thumper, or displayed via iPhone or Apple watch. The signals are often sent through the radio transmitter.

3. Color sense crayon box

Color Sense is another marvelous device with the interactive interface. But it has a simple close-up impact for every performer. You can pull it out of your shirt pocket and let it work right way. These authentic crayon boxes come integrated with sensors. They also detect whenever crayon gets removed. 

It also sends you notifications using a wireless thumper, a small colored LED, or via audio announcements through a hidden Bluetooth earpiece. This crayon box is USB chargeable, with months of amazing performance between charges. Furthermore, it comes with an easy fold case for ensuring that the user selects a single crayon with ease. It even offers Apple Watch and iPhone support.

4. RFID playing cards

These RFID-based playing cards are for magicians. The playing cards aren’t made with hand. They include antenna and chips during the manufacturing process. So, the cards are flat and thin. This particular deck is easy to shuffle. And, also easy to handle like an ordinary deck that can last a lifetime.

These playing cards are of PVC that makes them 100-percent plastic. It even offers an unprecedented protection level for making the cards indestructible virtually. Furthermore, the standard 52 playing cards come integrated with a blank card along with the double-sided card. This enables you to perform various sleight-of-hand effects without even switching the decks.

You can even program these RFID playing cards via Unifi Second Sight using the free Unifi iOS App.

5. Sneak peek / sleight of hand device

You can get the visual results from Poker Chips, Dice, Dominos, Pen Sense, Color Sense, and Second Sight (RFID Playing Cards), etc. on a retina display. This Notifier 2 includes both features of the thumper and original notifier in one single device.

This makes it the state-of-the-art notification system, which brings mentalism within the 21st century. The miniature receiver collates all the data and information from all the Unifi devices. And, it further displays the status of every device on a full-color, high-resolution LCD screen. This screen further features a stunning 160 x 80 retina display, which measures only 21 x 11mm.

You can turn the notifier on to improve your performance. Meanwhile, it connects to the Unifi devices automatically. On activation, the user gets alerted any time this device connects. This makes it an easier than ever way of accessing real-time information. Hence, it takes your show to another level. Furthermore, the Notifier 2 is compatible with various other Illuminati Magic products. It even offers backward compatibility with older, legacy systems.

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