Top 8 free cut-and-paste apps for Android

free cut-and-paste apps

We live in a period when the internet is swamped with programmes that enable users to generate their own photos. Right present, Smartphones have incredible cameras that allow users to shoot extraordinary photographs. Along with the camera, users may download a variety of programmes that allow them to enhance their shots and shoot shots in low-light situations. However, the main issue is that the camera does not enable users to cut and paste photographs according to their needs.

You may be contrasting cut-and-paste applications with standard functionality included in your camera and other photo-editing applications. This, however, is not the case. These programmes are unique in that they enable users to alter the pictures in any way they wish. Let’s have a look at the finest Android and iOS cut and paste applications in 2021.

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Best Android and iOS Cut and Paste Apps in 2021

#1 Background Eraser: Superimpose

Background Eraser is a free app for iPhone and iPad users. It allows users to remove any extraneous elements from a photograph, as well as modify the backdrop if desired. A user may easily apply transparency to a picture with a few easy steps.


  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • The region may be clipped out and used as the target area.
  • Two photos may be modified with each other using the auto colour gamut option.
  • If you don’t like the altering, you may use the restore tool to get the picture back.
  • There are options for changing the colour of the photographs.

Download: Android/iOS

#2 Adobe Photoshop mix for combine, mix- cut out, and create

All Android and iOS users should consider Adobe Photoshop as one of their top options. It lets users to quickly and effortlessly transfer all of the components from one picture to another. They may combine many photos in one picture to get better results. It creates a unique user interface that allows consumers to depend on it more.


  • Professionals and novices alike will find this to be the best option.
  • The king feature has been read.
  • The smartphone version is quite convenient to use.
  • The components may be readily duplicated by the user.
  • It also enables users to save all of their photographs to the cloud.
  • It features a unique user interface.

Download: Android/iOS

#3. Photo blender for Cut & paste:

If you want to modify the backdrop of a picture or combine two or more photographs into one, cut & paste picture Blender is a good option to consider. It is among the most effective apps accessible since it combines all of the tiny lines to create a whole new image. You won’t feel as though things aren’t going your way.


  • It features a unique user interface.
  • It enables users to totally re-create a picture.
  • It’s specifically for iPhone and iPad users.
  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • It completed the task quickly.

Download: Android/iOS

#4. Picsart photo editor and video editor:

Picsart has been one of the most popular programmers for a long time, and it includes a large number of functions. This not only allows users to enhance the picture, but it also allows them to simply cut and paste applications in any specific portion of the picture. They do not need to install any other applications since all of your needs are met by a single programmed.


  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • It offers an option for automated element selection.
  • It manually takes up the thing.
  • It has all of the cutting-edge features built in.

Download: Android/iOS

#5. MagiCut:

The MagiCut application is designed for Android users. This programme includes stickers, typefaces, pictures, further processing, and a variety of other features that enhance the picture to levels you never imagined. A user may quickly choose the appropriate item, which will then be integrated into the backdrop inside minutes. It also has auto-trim and auto-detection of objects, which comes in handy when editing photos.


  • It draws attention to the regions’ borders.
  • It’s simple to combine two photos into one.
  • It doesn’t correspond to the image’s color scale or exposure.
  • The checks and balances in the system are meant to guarantee that the final results are of high quality.
  • It includes a lot of features that seem to be brand new.

Download: Android/iOS

#6. Auto photo cut paste:

Auto picture cut paste is an application designed for Android users. This programmer has a number of capabilities, including picture cut and paste apps as well as automated selection. It illuminates the region after automated selection, allowing you to see which parts you have to cut and which parts you need to paste. The Programmer is simple to use and produces effective results quickly.


  • It lets users to add components such as metropolitan landscapes, beaches, and other aspects to their photos.
  • If there isn’t anything acceptable for their needs, the user may create their own backdrop.
  • It has AI technology, which causes the region to be replaced with a transparent one.
  • The fragmentation may be done by the user and used to alter the picture.

Download: Android/iOS

#7. Cut paste photo for seamless edit:

One of the most popular programmers on Google Play is Cut Paste android app for photo editing. The fact that it was the first application with a cut and paste apps feature is one of the main reasons why people are selecting death. It enables the user to swiftly swap out components and make modifications as desired. It comes with translucent text. If the user wishes for the backdrop to seem translucent, they may do so.


  • It is really easy to use.
  • The picture will be ready in only a few clicks.
  • It’s rather light in weight.
  • It produces outcomes in a timely manner.

Download: Android/iOS

#8. Photo layers- Background Eraser, Superimpose

Last but not least, an app for Android and iOS users is included in the list of picture layers. The characteristics of this programme have made it quite popular among users. It offers a picture montage feature that allows users to build their own backdrop. It offers automated identification of objects and people features in photographs, so you can start using it right away.


  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • It contains all of the functionality that Photoshop provides, as well as many more.
  • There are further features for dimension, orientation, and transparency.
  • It’s a unique way to utilise it.

Download: Android/iOS


These are the top cut-and-paste apps programmed that a user may utilize when they wish to change a picture to their liking. There would be no need for the user to be concerned about anything. They only need to get the photograph and begin editing it. If there is anything you would want to know, please let us know and we will assist you in getting an answer.

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